Welcome to Ladybird class! We were delighted to welcome all of our new Junior Infants this term and they have all settled in very well.  A big welcome back to our Senior Infants also in Ladybird class.  

The boys and girls in Ladybird class have all been working very hard this term to settle into their routines and adjust back to school life after the summer.  

The Ladybirds have been learning about the Little Red Hen through Aistear this month and have explored this theme in a variety of ways.  The class have explored the theme through the areas of Construction, Small World, Art and Crafts, Playdough and Role Play.  The boys and girls really enjoyed these different activities!

In October, we learned all about the season of Autumn and the different changes we noticed in nature.  The boys and girls brought many interesting signs of Autumn into class such as colourful leaves, pine cones, conkers and acorns.  The boys and girls loved to tell the class all about where they found these on their nature walks! See below some ways we explored Autumn in Aistear!

Halloween 2021

The boys and girls had a wonderful time dressing up for Halloween this term.  We also completed some lovely Halloween art and explored the theme of Halloween in Aistear.  The boys and girls had great fun constructing haunted houses, creating role plays, making potions and creating pumpkins and bats with playdough.  

In November, we explored the themes of Winter, Space and the Post Office.  Everyone enjoyed learning and discovering the different signs of winter.  The boys and girls explored the school yard to locate some of these signs.  For the theme of space, the boys and girls enjoyed learning about the properties of different planets and the story of Neil Armstrong.  Everyone also enjoyed working in our class post office for the week and writing Christmas cards to their families.   

In December, we explored the theme of Christmas in a variety of ways.  In Aistear, we wrapped presents, built sleighs and Santa’s workshop, worked in a toy shop and created our own snow globes and Christmas trees.  We also wrote letters to our elf, Snowflake.  The boys and girls had great fun in the month of December with a movie and hot chocolate day, a panto day and a Christmas jumper day where we performed our song ‘I want to be an elf!’.  The boys and girls also got to hear some Christmas stories from around the world in a webinar hosted by County Wexford Education Centre.  We had such fun in the run up to Christmas!

The Ladybird class has had a great few months exploring many different themes.  The children have explored the themes of the dentist, the vet, the garden centre and water.  The class have also learned about the Children of Lir story and planted some cress seeds which they were all delighted to take home.  

The Ladybird class entered an Internet Safety colouring competition and also took part in the Road to Beijing Dare to Believe challenge for the Winter Olympics.  The children really enjoyed doing different exercises during the day.  

The boys and girls had great fun dressing in green for St. Patrick’s Day!  

The boys and girls really enjoyed preparing for Easter and took part in an Easter egg hunt around the school.  Great fun was had! 

The Ladybird class had great fun this week exploring the theme of Summer.  They really enjoyed the beach role play, as well as making ice lollies, constructing ice cream vans and sandcastles and exploring sand and playdough.  Great fun was had by all!