Welcome to Lion Class

6th class tried out a team challenge – to write their name without a pen or pencil, please read LION 6 in the photo below!

Sciath na Scol football matches and training began in early September. Our new school jerseys were worn with pride in our first official matches.

Sciath na Scol

There was a lot of excitement floating around in the lead up to Thursday 25th May 2023. Our hurling team had won their semi-final against Summercove N.S. in early May and were waiting with baited breath for the day of the DH6 group final  at Pairc Uí Chaoimh. There were flags, posters and signs of good luck and support around the school and community. It had been 12 years since we had got through to a final. Thanks to Ms O’ Sullivan and the parents and teachers who helped train the team.  On the morning the whole school boarded buses and headed to the stadium decked out with face paints, the school colours; light blue and navy, teddy bears and much more. The team did us proud and gave everything they could but, on the day, it was Ballinspittle’s win. While broken-hearted, the whole school had a great day out, one which will not be forgotten. Huge congratulations to all our players who got us to the final.  

Climate in a box

Dr Linda O’ Higgins, through STEAM Education, has been delivering a series of lessons to 6th Class during May called ‘Climate -in -a- Box’ . STEAM Education aims to inspire children to love STEAM subjects and to become future generations of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians. The class have been enjoying these lessons- full of information but also wonderful hands- on activities such as creating CO2 in a bottle using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.    

Feis Maitiu 2023

Report on the BT Young Scientist trip

It was finally the day we had prepared for weeks for! I got up at half five, had a shower and off we went. When we got to school it was 6.20 a.m. and ten minutes later we were heading to the BT Young Scientist. On the bus I talked to my friends, played games and before I knew it we were in Dublin.

We had prepared a project on Solar Energy in our Community which included changing solar into electrical energy as well as energy in our diets. We prepared food chains as examples of energy in our diets and everyday lives.

We asked parents in our school community about solar energy in their homes. Then we took the data and made it into colourful graphs. We learned about the Solar Farms installed in Eli Lilly from Eamon Judge who came to visit us in Nohoval. Then for even more information for our project we did an experiment on Cress Seeds in different light conditions and solar ovens. Finally came the sticking it all together for our project- it was fun (stressful at parts) but fun! The day before we set off our class practised presenting our project to others teachers and put in the final touches.

As we walked into the RDS we found our stall and started setting up. Our group was not at the stall first so that meant we could have a look at all the exhibits. One of my favourites was a Virtual Reality head set that could make the scenery around you look like you were a supporter in a soccer match. It looked really cool! About an hour later it was our turn to stay by our stand. People came up to us and asked us what our project was about. The people loved our project!

While we were at the stand Eamonn Judge from Eli Lilly, who had helped us with our project, came over to us and gave us pizza. The pizza was very yummy. After all that delicious pizza my group went for lunch. After lunch, we went to the bottom of the lunch room. There was a girl teaching drums. Our group did a lesson, it was great fun!

Then we went to see a show called the ‘Secrets of Superhero Science’ and it was so cool, it had lights and cameras and everything!

Later in the day Michael Martin came up to our stand and we told him about our project. We got a picture with him.

We had time to look at whatever we wanted and then our school would meet up and leave. My friends and I took turns at doing games and we had lots of fun. We all went around together.

 Then sadly, we had to get the bus back to Cork. We had a great day but we knew it was time to go home.

At three thirty we went back on the bus and the road. It had some bad traffic so it took us a while to reach Supermacs. Supermacs was great.

 I sat in the back seats and we talked the whole way down until we sang songs. It was really dark now and we were tired by then but no one slept, I suppose we were too excited!  The trip took around five hours including our stop but it was well worth it. I would go back go in the future. When we got back to school I was wrecked but overall it was a great trip.

Report by Charlie, Oliver, Róisín, Phoenix, Niamh, Judy, Sophie and Kate.


Graduation Mass

Our 6th Class had their Graduation Mass on Tuesday June 20th. Canon Murphy, whose known the pupils since they began in 2015 in Junior Infants came to say the mass. He had words of wisdom for them in his sermon for the years ahead of them, to always keep an open mind and to look out for one another. An original poem was read about the class by their teacher Ms Wright causing them a small amount of embarrassment, followed by a slideshow of their primary school years. Emotions were high but luckily most of the water around the school grounds that afternoon was due to the waterfight not tears of sadness! We wish our sixth class the very best of luck in their respective secondary schools. Go n-éirí libh!