Anti Bullying Policy SNF 2023

Antibullying Resources

Indicators which may suggest a child is being bullied

Physical Indicators:
Unexplained bruising, cuts etc.
Loss of/ damage to personal property
Hunger or thirst
Frequent minor illnesses, headaches, tummy
Loss of appetite
Obsessive behaviour, physical appearance, weight

Requests for extra money

Emotional/ Psychological Indicators:
Outbursts of anger, temper, irritability at home
Bullying brother and sisters, parents
Well behaved child suddenly troublesomeSigns of depression

 Changes in: mood, appetite, sleep pattern
Tiredness, neglect of appearance
Expressions of sadness, worthlessness
Nightmares, crying at night
Restless, dangerous, wild, disruptive behaviour
Cynicism, black mood
Implied or overt threats of suicide

School Related Indicators:
Reluctance to go to school,Wanting to be accompanied

Returning in bad form

Changing route

 Avoiding certain days/lessons
Nervousness in class
Punctuality problems
Poor concentration
Deterioration in school work
Expressions of hopelessness
Fewer phone calls, friends calling, invitations
Reluctance to take part in activities
Abusive phone calls, texts, emails